Our Approach

The Challenge

Informal cross-border trade is a major feature of African economies: it creates jobs, contributes to food and energy security, and alleviates poverty. However many traders are unaware of their rights, required customs procedures and documentation, making them vulnerable to corruption and harassment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower cross-border traders to exercise their rights as citizens of the EAC – able to trade legally, safely and profitably across borders.

Our Solution

Sauti is a mobile-based tool for simplifying access to information on trading procedures and voicing incidents of corruption and harassment.

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Our Approach

Anonymous Reporting for Border Crossings

Through our anonymous reporting mechanism we crowd-source data to map incidents of harassment and corruption at border crossings across East Africa.

Empowering Africa's Cross-Border Traders with the Right Information

We work with civil society organisations to use data collected through our platform for evidence-based advocacy at community, national and regional levels.

Driving Advocacy and Partnerships

Traders can use our number to find out what documentation, taxes and tariffs are applicable to their products, and receive regular updates on changes to border procedures.

Triggering Change

Sauti means voice in Swahili and our mission is to empower cross-border traders to exercise their rights as citizens of the East African Community – able to trade freely and safely across borders and stand up for their rights with a loud and clear voice.


Sauti Africa Limited is committed to returning 50%+1 of our profits back into simplifying access to trade and market information for cross-border traders and improving social accountability at border crossings.

Our Plan of Action

Thanks to the generous support of D-Prize, we are piloting our service at three border crossings in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, with the goal of servicing the whole East African Community within two years.