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Access to information is critical for cross-border traders to identify trade opportunities, comply with trade regulations, and negotiate favourable prices in foreign markets. Sauti’s trade and market information platform directly targets the barriers to information to enhance small-scale competitiveness and profitability in East Africa

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Key Figures

  • 68% of traders have been able to identify new products to trade in and 90% have identified new markets.
  • Baseline data indicates that prior to using Sauti traders were spending 3.50-13USD on calls to other traders/brokers to access trade and market information and 50min-5hours travelling to markets in order to access market information. By using Sauti, cross-border traders are spending as much as $0.50USD per week in network access fees to access trade and market information and no longer need to travel to markets to verify market information.
  • 76% of surveyed users said that since using Sauti they are aware of the requirements for clearing their goods through the gazetted border, while 57% are aware of the taxes applicable to their consignments.


“With Sauti now, at the comfort of my couch or kitchen, I can get all the business and customs information I need right in my cheap old phone. I’m now more confident to pass through the gazetted route and not scared of personally clearing my goods.”

Middy Amule, Cross-Border Trader, Busia, Uganda

“Sauti is like a secret partner in my business – it’s there to give me information before I go to the market and help me estimate my profit. Before I even leave my house I know the price of groundnuts in Gulu and Lira, the current exchange rate and the amount of tax I will pay”

Edna Mudibo, Cross-Border Trader, Busia, Kenya