The Mobile Platform

Innovating on Existing Solutions

Phone ownership has exploded across Africa in recent years. Today, more than 75% of East African citizens own a phone. Most of these are simple feature phones primarily used for texting. Additionally, most EAC citizens have experience with SMS menus in products such as Mpesa or mobile top-up services. Sauti innovates on the ubiquity of cellphones to deliver an SMS-based information and reporting platform to citizens across East Africa.


Our Solution

Designed from the beginning with the input of cross-border trade associations, the Sauti platform has been specifically tailored for the cross-border environment.

Our Technology

Users access the platform by texting ‘Sauti’ or a shortcut code to their local Sauti SMS shortcode number. Users are greeted with a welcome menu with several options to access the information they need. They can navigate the menus simply by texting the corresponding menu numbers. Similarly, users can report incidents either by selecting from the menu or by texting the shortcut code ‘Report’ to the Sauti SMS shortcode. View our tech demo to see the platform in action or try the platform for yourself!

Sauti’s delivery platform means that the majority of cross-border traders can access reliable information ubiquitously, at any time, and securely.