USSD and SMS Deployment

Innovative Solutions

Sauti has leveraged the ubiquity of mobile phones to tackle the challenges affecting citizens in East Africa’s marginalized peripheries. By innovating on USSD and SMS technologies, we have developed robust, dynamic, and reliable applications in East Africa that any citizen with any type of phone can access. Our solutions are scalable, sustainable, and the superior option for clients deploying USSD and SMS platforms in East Africa


Human Centered Design

Our human-centered design approaches put our target beneficiaries at the core of our design process, which ensures that our applications have optimal traction with their intended audience. Our experience deploying USSD and SMS solutions in low-technology environments gives us unique insights into the implementation requirements necessary for sustainable solutions.


Audience Responsiveness

Our specially designed content management systems allow our clients to track real-time performance and user behaviour on their platforms. Our experience managing our own USSD and SMS solutions is translated to our systems dashboards, which allow clients to maintain large and complex logic flows easily and with minimal training. Our analytics and machine-learning algorithms, which make optimization suggestions, allow clients to enhance audience responsiveness and rapidly deploy highly tailored and specialized USSD and SMS solutions.


Developer Tools

Our experience responding to client requests has enabled us to develop tools that provide developers with programmatic tools that enable a variety of mobile SMS platforms from survey collection to interactive query platforms. Our product, ParlerSMS, allows developers to run an SMS platform from a smartphone, permitting a simplified framework for developers to bridge incoming SMS with their APIs.